Disclaimer Stuff

Most of the products I use and review on this blog are purchased by myself. I blog because it is a good way to justify spending too much time painting my nails. I do not blog to make money or receive free stuff.

Sometimes I will review products that have been given to me as samples, free-of-charge. When a review features products I have recieved as a free sample, I type *Sample* on the right side of the first line of the post. This does not affect the honesty of my review.

While I will gladly accept samples that are relevant to this blog (budget nail and beauty products), sending me a product free-of-charge does not does not guarantee that I will review it on the blog, nor does it guarantee that I will review it positively. All reviews are my honest opinion.

I provide links to retailers and companies in my blog posts solely so that you can find more information about the products I feature. I do not use affiliate links and I do not earn anything if you click any of the links in my blog.

Any errors and inaccurate information appearing on this blog are entirely my own fault and are probably down to the fact that I write most of my blog posts after midnight.

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