Friday, June 27, 2014

'It's Raining Men!' and 'Circus Confetti'


Just a quickie post to show off the two Essence polishes I'm wearing at the moment. The blue base is a Colour & Go polish called 'It's Raining Men!' which is a gorgeous blue polish with blue and pink-purple shimmery bits. Like all the Colour & Go polishes I've tried, it dries super fast, is opaque in two thin coats and and dries to a glossy finish.

The glitter topper is from the 'Nail Art Special Effect Topper' range and is called 'Circus Confetti'. It's a clear base with silver, bright pink, light pink, green, blue, gold and red metallic hex glitter in a range of sizes. This polish applies nicely and doesn't require any fishing for glitter. It dries very fast. It is labelled as '3D Glitter' which is a bit misleading as the glitter actually lies completely flat leaving a finish so smooth and glossy that it doesn't require a top coat.

I love this combination, and the colourful glitter topper makes me very happy!


  1. Oooh that's a pretty combo! Don't think I would have ever thought of putting Circus Confetti over a blue like that

  2. Stunning! I love that blue :-D I'm looking forward to buying some of these :-D

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