Thursday, May 15, 2014

Industrial Revolution

Sorry it's been a week since my last post. I was giving my nails a short break from polish and acetone while I try to sort out my dry nails and cuticles so there wasn't anything to blog about until today. You should be getting quite a few posts from me in the next few days though.

The museum I volunteer at has a huge building full of a variety of historical steam powered machinery and I decided to use this as my inspiration. I stole some watch parts from my husband's model building stash. He has a big tub of tiny gears so I don't think he'll miss them. I used two coats of 17 Fast Finish polish in shade Smokey Marble, which is a dark semi-metallic steel colour that looks exactly like the oily finish on the old steam engines. I picked this polish up for 50p in the January Boots clearance sale as it is one of the old 17 polishes (before they became Seventeen) and to be honest it's a pain to apply. It starts off a nice consistency but it dries much too fast, so before you've finished your first brush stroke it has become a thick, stringy gloop.

I applied the cogs over a coat od Konad Special Top Coat, then used another coat over the top. I'm afraid my trusty bottle of top coat is getting a bit low and it is now thick and bubbly so I think I'll have to invest in a new one.

I rather like these slightly steampunk looking nails. What do you think?


  1. Haha if he reads this he might start to miss them ;-) My husband reads my blogs lol!

    This looks so cool and quite steampunk too! Shame about the application - I've found most of the old 17 polishes to be fine :-)

  2. I've got an old 17 polish from the Supreme Shine range and that one is fine, I think it might be because this one is a Fast Finish one.
    As for my husband reading my blog, I don't think it's really his cup of tea! He didn't mind me stealing a few cogs though.

  3. These look really cool! Hehe great idea to steal some cogs :) I recently saw some great steampunk charms online and will order them soon because it looks really awesome!