Sunday, March 16, 2014

My First Water Marble

On a whim I decided to have a go at water marbling my nails. I used a whole bunch of blue and purple polishes and started to experiment. I'm not thrilled by the look of my nails - my thumb, index finger and ring finger nails look sort of interesting, but my middle and little fingers are not great.

I did learn some useful things for next time I try it though:
  • Just because one polish spreads out nicely on the water, it doesn't mean that another polish from the same brand/collection will.
  • Don't use icy cold tap water. Your polish will turn to tar.
  • Use a shot glass, not a cup. The smaller the better!
If you want to know how I did these nails, just google 'water marble nails'. There are loads of videos and articles showing the process step by step.

I quite enjoyed doing them, but boy is it messy. Even though I taped my fingers, the clean up operation was huge. It wasn't helped by the fact I chose some really skin-staining colours so my cuticles were left with a greeny-blue tinge even after cleaning them up with a paintbrush and some acetone.

I think that in future when I try water marbling again I will just stick to doing one accent nail. Taping, dipping and cleaning up ten nails requires more patience than I have!

Have you tried water marbling? Do you have any hints and tips for next time I have a go?


  1. this is really good for a first try! i ave tried it previously, but it didnt work out for me and the polish would never spread out, no matter what i tried!

  2. Water marbling is one of the nail art effects I am yet to try but I really want to!
    This is a great design especially for your first try!

    x x