Sunday, April 13, 2014

Confessions of a Nail Blogger Tag

This is a tag started by the fabulous Galorious (the graphic above is hers too). Go and check out her nail art blog if you haven't already.

I too am a bit of a naughty nail blogger so I thought I'd spend my lazy Sunday afternoon drinking tea and confessing my sins!

1. I peel off my nail polish in the bath.
I try to resist the urge because I know it's terrible for my nails and they are much more damaged than they would be if I just used nail polish remover, but I find it strangely satisfying, especially if I manage to peel it off in one piece. It also makes removal of glitter nail polish so much quicker!
It drives my husband mad though, because the flakes of polish and glitter stick to the bath when I'm finished and they are a pain to clean off.

2. My right and left hands rarely match.
I am terrible at painting with my left hand, so even painting the nails on my right hand a single colour leaves me with polish all around my nails that I have to soak off in warm water (if I try to remove it with acetone and a brush or a cotton bud I'll only make things worse). If I'm just doing some simple stamping or I'm going somewhere special then I will do both hands the same, but the rest of the time my right hand gets neglected and just gets painted a single shade, possibly with a bit of glitter. I do get some funny looks when I pop to the shops with the nails on my left hand covered in tiny fimo butterflies or freehand fish or owls and on my right hand I'm just wearing a pretty shade of blue or green.

3. I'm terrible at remembering to apply hand cream and cuticle oil.
I try to stick to a regular hand care routine, but I'm rubbish at it. I'll forget to apply any cream or oil for a day or two, and then feel bad about it (usually when I go to change my nail polish and realise that my cuticles look terrible) so I try to make up for it by using so much cream and oil throughout the day that I end up with greasy hands that leave oily handprints everywhere.

4. My nails are a mess without polish.

For years I never wore polish and my nails looked healthy, even though I took no care of them. Now, after eight months of applying and peeling off my nail polish at least twice a week they are a damaged, flaky, yellow-stained mess. I know it's my own fault. I know that I should invest in a better basecoat and stop peeling off the polish and use more cuticle oil, but instead I disguise the yellowing and damage by painting them bright colours... and the cycle continues....

I tag any other nail bloggers who feel like confessing their bad nail care secrets!

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  1. my nails also look pretty bad with out polish and i alllwayyys! forget to do my cuticle care, its just one of those things where ill say 'ill just do it next time', and i never do!
    thanks for doing the tag!