Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Weekly Haul - Ooooh, All The Pretty Colours!

I've acquired quite a few new polishes in the last week. I'm not sure when I last managed to stick to my £2 weekly polish budget. Oops! As I have so much to show you this week, I've swatched everything on fake nails instead of my own fingernails. The pound shops are full of lovely polishes at the moment, so empty out your penny jar and treat yourself!

The most exciting purchases I made in the last week were three more Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes from Poundworld. If you love textured polishes, get to your nearest Poundworld as soon as you can! They are currently selling some unusual Sugar Coat shades I haven't seen in a pound store before, including some shimmery and glittery ones. I picked up Candy Corn which is a bright orange, Red Velvet which is a deep pinky-red raspberry shade with a shimmery finish, and Royal Icing, my favourite, which is a gorgeous cool pastel blue with holographic micro glitter. It is so sparkly and icy looking and I know that Royal Icing is going to be great for wintery nail art! Swatches are two coats of polish, as recommended on the bottles. Red Velvet and Royal Icing are both less opaque than most of the Sugar Coat shades so you might actually need to use three coats.

Candy Corn:

Red Velvet:

Royal Icing:

Both Poundland and Poundworld are also selling a lot of Rimmel 60 Seconds polishes in a wide range of shades at the moment. I picked up Jungle Fever, a forest green, from Poundworld and Captain Khaki, a dark khaki-brown from Poundland. I always find that the Rimmel 60 Seconds polishes need two coats for full opacity (even though they claim to be one-coaters on the bottle), but they do dry quickly and I love the wide, flat Rimmel brushes because they are so easy to use. Swatches are two coats.

Poundland is currently full of bottles of polish by a brand I'd never heard of called Filthy Gorgeous. After a quick google I discovered that the polishes were launched a few years ago by a company that ran Debenhams in-store beauty salons. Apparently they are professional quality polishes and were sold in Debenhams for £9 a bottle. I'm assuming the company is no longer trading as their website has vanished, their social media accounts fell silent about a year ago and there is no longer any mention of them on the Debenhams website. I picked up Breeze, a light grey shade, and it does feel like a quality polish. It's a two-coater that applies very smoothly and comes in a cute round bottle with a lace design and plectrum charm on the cap. They have other shades available too and at £1 they are a bargain. Swatch is two coats.

I also picked up a new Jess shade. Bolton Poundland has finally got a few of the shimmery and iridescent shades in stock, although they have flown off the shelves and there were only one or two bottles left by the time I found them. I picked up Hot Date, a shimmery rich red. It's less opaque than the Jess cremes and is really stinky, unlike the cremes. It really is the smelliest polish I own, but it applies smoothly and dries quickly to a lovely finish. I do hope they get another delivery of Jess polishes soon because I keep seeing such gorgeous shades swatched online and they never seem to get any of them at my local Poundland. Swatch is three coats on the left, two coats on the right.

I spent my Easter Sunday afternoon swatching and labelling all the polishes in my collection on plastic nail wheels and discovered that I own just over three and a half wheels worth of polish, which is 74 shades. It seems like such a measly amount of polish when I compare it to most nail bloggers. This can only mean that I need more polish! Bwahahaha!

How many bottles of polish do you own?


  1. That's a good haul! I got the Sugar Coats from Poundworld a few weeks back. They sold out pretty quick! Got a few Rimmels today from Poundworld. Managed to get Apple Berry Smoothie which I've been after for ages because I've got the other Cocktails so this completed the set for me yah! :-)

    Having more polishes isn't a bad thing really. At least it's small and quite easy to store! I'd invest in a Helmer from Ikea if you are gonna buy more ;-)

    1. I need you to explain that "Having more polishes isn't a bad thing really" to my husband!
      So far all my polish still fits in a very large shoebox (only just) so I can still tell myself that it's "only a little bit of polish". Once it requires its own Helmer, I know the addiction has taken over!

  2. I'm looking for Sally Hansen sugar coat's polishes for soooo long but can't find it here, in Poland.
    Great blog!:)

    1. Thanks! I would have offered to mail you a bottle or two while they are so cheap here, but they have made it illegal to send nail polish internationally through the mail now :(

  3. I just discovered your blog and am so glad to find somebody else who relies on cheap polishes!! All the other blogs I follow use lots of expensive brands! The majority of my collection is also from Poundland! Would appreciate if you check out my blog too, http://nailsmustbepainted.blogspot.co.uk/ :)

    1. Just had a look at your blog and I'm glad to find a kindred spirit when it comes to cheap polishes :D People who never buy polish in Poundland don't know what they are missing!

    2. I use whatever stays on be it £1 or more. I often find some more expensive brands aren't all that, I think Essie is terrible! I love my poundland shopping trips, tis a wonderous place