Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fish Fingers!

First things first, I am now on Nailpolis which is a new site for sharing and showcasing nail art, with monthly contests and a "featured" section of curated nail art. Membership is "by invite only" but at the moment you can just request an invite and they will send one. I'm really enjoying being able to see so much nail inspiration in one place! My owl nail art made it to the "featured" section too, so I am rather proud of that.

And now for the fish...

After seeing an aquatic themed nail art competition run by Superdrug, for which the prize is the new Barry M Aquarium collection (and if there is one thing better than cheap polish it's potentially free polish!), I decided to do paint some goldfish on my digits.

This is not the nail art I will be entering into the competition as I have since done some more fishy nail art which I prefer, but I will share these goldfish with you anyway because they are still rather cute.

I used one coat of Jess All That Jazz (bright blue) under a coat of Revlon Chroma Chameleon in Topaz which is a gorgeous blue/green duochrome and is one of my favourite big-brand Poundland finds. I stamped some waves and bubbles from Cheeky plate N over the top using a Seventeen polish in shade Wave (bought for 50p in a Boots clearance sale) and then painted all the goldfish using black and white acrylic paints, a shimmery orange polish by L.A.Colors called Tahiti Sunrise (£1 from my local pharmacy) and a W7 polish in shade Neon Yellow (Poundland). I stamped organic shapes from my Poundland Allura plates using white Konad Special Polish at the tips of some of my nails to represent coral and gave the tips of my nails a dab of Jess Sea Breeze glitter for the sea bed.

On my ring finger I used diamond shaped Born Pretty glequins in blue, green and light green to make a fish-scale pattern. I applied them using a coat of clear polish (L.A.Colors in Voltage) and a toothpick. I finished everything with a coat of Konad Special Top Coat.

I'm not convinced by the colour combination I chose for this nail art. I don't really like the colour orange and there is just too much of it on these nails! The glequin nail doesn't really fit with the rest of the nails either and the duochrome polish didn't show up on camera in a way I was happy with.

There will be new, improved aquatic nail art in my next blog post along with a review of the gorgeous Jess Sea Breeze glitter featured on the tips of these nails.


  1. This one also looks amazing! Wow.

  2. Super cute! I love the background designs you did and the fish look awesome :)